Bright Feats presents Parent Workshops

beginning June 20th, 10am-2:45pm



Abilities Workshop with Jeanetta Bryant : First Steps After Diagnosis

Time: 10-11am

Imagine being able to learn from industry experts and knowledgeable, experienced parents. This is your chance to find a community of support and be inspired to find hope.



Glazer Children’s Museum with Kate White: The Power of Play

Time: 11-11:30am

Learn how the Power of Play connects you and your child, builds friendships and much more.



Connect Child and Parent Enrichment with Naomi Nickson: Play Based Skills w/ Brief Intro to Childhood Development

Time: 11:30am-12pm

We teach critical skills of development through play-based activities while having fun with children and families! 



Forbes Behavioral Services with Nicole Forbes: Social Skills Benchmarks Ages 3-11 & How to Practice at Home

Time: 12-12:45pm

We strive to increase communication, social skills, functional living skills, and overall quality of life for each child within our agency.



Bailey Psychology Group with Dr. Melissa Bailey: Transitioning to Adulthood

Time: 12:45-1:45pm

Join in to hear Dr. Melissa Bailey’s guidance on transitioning into adulthood.






Bright Feats Team(Pre-recorded): “You’re Not in ESE Land Presentation”

Time: 1:45-2:45pm

Sara, Phyllis, Jackie and Rori present the “You’re Not in ESE-Land Anymore” workshop  for this virtual event.