“Bright Feats has been so helpful to our family, having relocated from Kansas so that our little guy could have the opportunity at Maitland Academy. Tonina Lull, the Director at his school, keeps copies of your publication in the front office. I think you are doing a fabulous job!”
Marcia P., Local Mom
I wanted to personally thank you and your directory!! We recently enrolled 2 new students who saw our advertisement in your magazine. Advertising with you guys was worth every penny! Thank for everything!
Hyndi Khomutetsky MS, BCBA, Co-Founder of Applied Behavior Center
We have lots of special miracles who have parents in need of help getting medical intervention. Your site is amazingly simple to navigate and I feel will help them so much!!!!!!
Renee, Local Mom
The directory fills a long-standing need in the special needs community, for an easily accessible resource for the parents of special needs children.
Lee Ann Akinson RN, BSN Florida Pediatric Associates
I wanted to let you know I checked the website. It is great! All of you have done an excellent job in providing our special needs families with something they have been needing for a long time! Please let me know how I can help. I would love to be involved! Keep up the great work!
Erica Kosares, President, Alexis Foundation
Parents know their children. What they don’t always know is which services are right for them. Bright Feats helps parents by providing a thorough explanation of the services available to children and the families who love them.
Carmen McGuinness, Founder, Read America, Praxis Education Center, Phono-Graphix, and Language Wise.
Our ad looks great, especially because it is nestled within an incredible resource guide/informational magazine. Youve brought to light a lot of answers to questions that parents with special needs children have and this resource guide looks just awesome.
Jacqueline A. Kutudis, Marketing Specialist, The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families
From pediatric specialists and advocacy guidance to financial and legal services, Bright Feats Directory can assist you with locating just about any professional your family requires. Bright Feats Directory is the only parenting reference book of its kind in the Central Florida Area area directly targeted to address the needs of parents and caregivers of children from childcare, preschools, charter and private schools, special needs, enrichment, reading instruction and much, much more.
Megan Lewellen, Speak Easy Solutions, LLC.
Your directory helped me find ASGO and Donna Lorman. Without them I would have been lost. Thank you so very much!
Cheryl T.
I was first introduced to Bright Feats when my students at the Academy for Autism were allowed to sort the flyers in to piles of 25 for the community as part of my project ACHIEVE (Autism can help in Every Environment). I started reading the flyer and was so impressed with all the resources and news/info presented in these flyers. I work as a SLP Early Steps provider and refer many parents of children just diagnosed with Autism to the Bright Feats website for more resources. I am currently started my own business and am very excited to be connected with Bright Feats.
Bridgett D.
I am an OT that has worked at UCP downtown for over ten years. I refer many parents of my children, especially my birth to three population to the Bright Feats website and magazine. I have attended many BF events over the years and am extremely impressed with the organization. Thanks for all you do for special needs kids in the area!
Michelle M.
I am a PT that works at the Academy for Autism and we refer many parents of our students to your website and magazine. We think Bright Feats is a wonderful source to send families to get the resources they need to help their children.
Rachel P.
Bright Feats is an amazing resource for my office and personally. I am the mother of a 10-year-old boy with autism and find it to be a great centralized resource tool. Not only that, I often must provide parents with diagnosis of ADHD, learning disabilities and also autism spectrum disorders. When outlining my recommendations, I suggest the Bright Feats directory as a resource guide, and I be sure to give them a copy as they typically have recommendations to find a tutor, IEP advocate, occupational therapy evaluation, speech and language therapy evaluation and so on. It’s very overwhelming and having this comprehensive and HELPFUL directory both online and handed to them in print makes me feel more at ease. This is what I would have wanted when I received my diagnosis for my son.I am happy it is now available to parents and that I can be a part of such a great referral and resource network.
Stacy Carmichael
I found out about Mckay scholarships and schools. My son goes to a great school now. It suits his needs. It also keeps me up to date on events for autism.
Lori M.
After entering the world of autism with my 4 year old daughter, I felt like…what do I do now? Where do I go for therapy, what doctors want to work with autistic kids. I found your magazine. WOW, a “bible” for parents with special needs. I can not tell you how many times I have grabbed your book and set up appointments, just like that. I did not have to ask “Do you mind working with autistic kids”. My family has a great support group of professionals and educators because of the information Bright Feats provides. THANK YOU
Kerri Q.
My son, Casey, is autistic with epilepsy. It was so difficult finding resources for therapy, physicians and even support groups………until I came onto the BrightFeats.com site. We are members of ASGO, Nathaniel’s Hope and CARD. A million THANK YOUS for all of your wonderful hard work updating this site!
Teryn B.