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PO Box 3365, Windermere, FL 34786
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Who We Are

Building Pathways is a safe place where teens and adults with unique abilities are provided with structure and support while being trained in the fields of their interest. Behavior Analysts will be there to guide participants with programs to achieve full independence. They will practice and learn the life and social skills needed to live on their own.

Our goal is independence from the start. We can be that transitional place that builds the pathway to enable them to reach their full potential.

Day Programs are Available!

Is your child in school not accomplishing much and 16 years or older?  Is your child sitting at home not able to live on their own and get their own job?  Let us help give them the tools to do those things.  We want to help teens and adults with unique abilities to find meaningful employment, learn the skills needed to live independently and develop healthy friendships.

Pathways for Life Academy

Building Pathways is opening a private middle and high school in August 2020 in Winter Garden.
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