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Sam as baby with siblings

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In 1990 the United States created the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law intended to help protect the rights of people with disabilities. However, the disabled are often marginalized, bullied and overlooked. Parents with disabled children must fiercely lobby school systems, advocate for intervention services and invest extraordinary amounts of time in helping their kids succeed and feel accepted. Sadly, acceptance does not always happen at home, much less in society.

Tampa native, Sam Piazza was born with Down syndrome. The love and support of his family, church and an inclusive school culture helped him accomplish extraordinary things. His positive attitude and desire to achieve more than was expected of him makes Sam an inspiration for people with disabilities, and, ALL people.

I am convinced that most people possess more power to achieve their dreams than they realize. Finding a caring mentor, helpful resources and a supportive network are keys to helping those facing obstacles find hope. I use my time and talents to inspire people to claim their power and capture their dreams. Creating a clear colorful vision is a critical step in a dreamer’s journey. “Because of Sam” will inspire people to dream big, paint a wonderful vision and to take action towards it.

“Because of Sam” transforms how the world views people with disabilities and inspires all people to pursue their dreams. The movie shows how the conflicts, triumphs, and epiphanies that occur throughout the life of a disabled young man can serve as catalysts for positive change in the lives of those who cross his path. Learn more about Sam’s story by clicking here.


Because of Sam

Because of Sam WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil Featured in Because of Sam, a Film that Highlights Sam Piazza Who Has Down Syndrome by Renee Warmack, MPA It was a typical morning, 10 years ago. I was sitting on my couch reading the Tampa Tribune when I saw Sam Piazza on the front page wearing a crown. He had just won Homecoming King at Gaither High School, not far from my alma mater, in Tampa. As...

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