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Board-certified ABA services

What ABA does for your child

While it’s a disciplined and well-researched system, ABA is not one-size-fits-all. Treatment is tailored to the individual child, family, and agreed-upon goals.

ABA looks for functional relationships between a child’s behaviors and his or her environment. The goal is to increase desirable behaviors that lead to quality of life, and reduce behaviors that interfere with your child’s ability to communicate and learn.

Treatment is organized around positive reinforcement

We all repeat behavior that produces a reward we value. This very simple, human inclination is central to ABA therapy.

Your child’s Acorn Board-Certified therapist identifies a goal behavior for your child. When your child displays the behavior we want to see, he or she receives something personally meaningful (and you’ll help us identify ideas).

We’ll also learn what precedes challenging behaviors

We call them “antecedents.” They’re things that happen immediately before the behavior we’re trying to change. An antecedent can be a request, like “clean up your room”; a feeling or reaction; a specific object; bright lights or a noisy crowd.

ABA therapy looks for these antecedents and finds alternatives that influence your child’s reaction.

We all respond to consequences. So they’re part of ABA to help promote positive behavioral change.

A consequence is what comes directly after a child’s specific behavior and it can be as simple as a lack of a reward, or no reaction if the behavior is inappropriate.


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