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P.O. Box 1307, Riverview, FL 33568
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21 & Change champions inclusion, education, and civil rights for the ‘differently-abled’. We are a cross-disability organization that serves all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

21 & Change provides the following programs and services for families:

  • Free IEP Advocacy services
  • IEP Advocacy Scholarships
  • IEP and Special Education Parent Advocacy Conferences
  • Assistive Technology Information
  • Public Policy Advocacy (federal and state level)
  • Military Family Support

We are a veteran-founded, veteran-led public nonprofit organization that serves families throughout the state of Florida and beyond.  21 & Change is partnered with national and local level advocacy organizations, businesses, and other like-minded nonprofits which we can also leverage to help support families when needed.  For more information, visit our website.

Child with Down syndrome plays with flower on picnic bench in the park

Child with Down syndrome playing with mother

Selflessness-putting the needs and well-being of others before ourselves; our purpose requires a devotion beyond self.

Courage-the physical, mental, and moral strength to face challenges ‘head on’ and always do what is right.

Shared-Understanding developing common ground, mutual respect, and acceptance across the entire community.

Partnership-helping to build a sustainable ‘coalition of the willing’ across the local community and beyond to achieve our vision.




Join Us This Saturday for our 3rd Annual Champions for Change event!

3rd Annual Champions for Change Challenge

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