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eTrikeCo Battery-Powered Electric Tricycles
6757 Tyrone Square St., St Petersburg, FL 33710

Its our goal to give you the best eco-friendly ride available, so we provide top notch designs, great customer service, sales to consumers and businesses.

901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33602

Guiding and empowering families to become collaborative, effective advocates for their
child with special needs by providing information, help and support to promote academic
and social success in school and within the community.

Florida Autism Center
514 S Hunt Club Blvd, Orlando, FL 32703
2701 University Square Dr, Tampa, FL 33612

Provides individualized ABA Therapy and has a specific focus on early, intensive behavioral intervention, verbal behavior, and social skills. We
apply what is being done successfully in the center to the home environment.

Focus Academy
304 Druid Hills Rd., Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Focus Academy’s special needs education program for students ages 14-22 is structured with dual purposes: academic achievement and social success. We offer differentiated, individualized instruction, but emphasize a full high school experience including creative arts, physical education and state of the art technology. Our post-high school Transition Program moves students into the community to continue building independence, self-esteem, and workplace competence.

Freedom Sailing Camp of Florida
1730 Lombardy Drive, Clearwater, FL 33755

Ages 8 and Up, Providing safe, enriching, and affordable sailing for Asperger’s and
High Functioning individuals within the autism spectrum disorder. It allows them to
explore and develop social skills that will empower them to continue their survival in
the community, to strengthen their self-esteem and to help them become self-sufficient

FRIENDS - Down Syndrome West Florida
Hillsborough, Pinellas, & Pasco Counties, Tampa, FL 33602

All Ages, Broad reaching educational services for families impacted by Down Syndrome in the West Florida/Tampa Bay Area. Providing family outreach and support, year-round programs, volunteer opportunities for students, financial support and community integration for families impacted by Down Syndrome.

GiGi's Playhouse
3611 W Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33614

GiGi’s Playhouse provides programs specifically designed for how individuals with Down syndrome learn delivered by a workforce of trained volunteers, many experts in the therapeutic and education fields.

Glazer Children’s Museum
110 W Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, FL 33602

A learning laboratory where children and their parents can learn through play and shared discovery. Our Museum offers 170 ‘interactivities’ in multiple themed areas for families to explore, connect while having fun along the way.

Goodwill Industries - Suncoast, Inc.
1301 North Jefferson Street, Tampa, FL 33602

Offering youth transition services to employment as part of our mission of
helping people achieve their full potential through the dignity and power of work.

Guardian Haven Academy
3801 Corporex Park Drive, Tampa, FL 33602

Providing job training, socialization opportunities, and recreational services to adults with developmental disabilities.

Hemness Elder Law
309 N Parsons Avenue, Brandon, FL 33510

We are ordinary people, providing extraordinary guidance backed by years of experience and advocacy for the vulnerable citizens in our community. The experienced team of attorneys here at Hemness Faller, The Law Office formerly known as Emma Hemness, P.A., are here for you and your family and we want to be YOUR elder law attorneys.

Hillsborough County School District
901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33602

The HCPS Exceptional Student Education Department is dedicated to providing
students with a continuum of services and programs to meet the individual needs of each
student who is eligible for special education and related services, ages 3 through 21.

Jabber Jaw Kids
4520 W. Oakellar Ave., Tampa, FL 33611

All Ages, Providing personalized, compassionate, family-centered speech and language
therapy to aid in the improvement of your child’s communication skills. Services available
in the home, school, and daycare settings. Accepting the Gardiner Scholarship!

Knowledge Counts Online
550 N. Reo St., Ste. 300, Tampa, FL 33569

Knowledge really does count!
Our mission is to help you.
Parents can address their child’s communication, educational, and behavioral needs after learning the strategies taught in “Knowledge Counts.” Children are never too young or too old.
This program teaches parents what research recommends and what informed professionals use.
Knowledge Counts (KC) for Children with Autism is an organization on a mission!

KNR Therapy
1202 Tech Blvd. Suite 103, Tampa, FL 33619

Home and community-based ABA therapy for children and teens (ages 3-18).
Focus on natural environment teaching. Emphasis on combining behavioral parent
training with services to help parents implement plans within their natural routines.

1301 North Jefferson Street, Tampa, FL 33602

The Kookabuk series is a collection of social stories to help you and your special child overcome similar challenges. These books are a source of information, inspiration, and guidance, as well as, being fun educational lessons for everyone. The website features a resource directory.

lnvo Behavior and Therapy Services
Multiple Locations Throughout the Tampa Bay Area, Tampa, FL 33602

lnvo Behavior and Therapy Services is the leading national provider of comprehensive, quality in-home Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and feeding services for children.

MacDonald Training Center (MTC)
5420 W. Cypress Street, Tampa, FL 33607-1706

MacDonald Training Center (MTC) serves adults with disabilities. Through our vocational skills training, we offer many business solutions to our community. MTC provides day services to people with developmental disabilities including innovative job skills training and live enrichment activities. Employment specialists work with people with a wide variety of disabilities to find and retain community based employment. All of the people for whom we provide residential services live in their own homes and apartments, regardless of their service need.

Montefu Consulting, Inc.
10150 Highland Manor Drive, Ste.200, Tampa, FL 33610

Receive the Social Security benefits you deserve! Montefu Consulting can help guide
you in your journey through the rough waters of Social Security Disability and SSI claims.
We provide all services with no up-front fees and offer a free initial consultation.

Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)
1301 North Jefferson Street, Tampa, FL 33602

All Ages, Engaging science and art-based activities that help facilitate positive changes in all aspects of development for children with special needs and otherwise. MOSI is an autism friendly venue. Come explore exciting events and outreach programs.