Preparing Students for Workplace Success

by Helen Leonard, Director, The Paragon School Preparing Students for Workplace Success Equipping students to become contributing members of society is the mission of The Paragon School as well as the goal of every parent whom I have had the pleasure of working with in the first ten years of our program. Despite the statistics [...]

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The Story Behind the Romeo Story

by April M. Whitt, Teacher and Author of the Romeo Book Series The day the writing appeared on the wall was the day…Romeo was born!  A few months ago we celebrated Romeo’s 7th birthday! That was the day he was delivered to me by my publisher. (I told her she was also now an [...]

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Understanding School Choice Options

Understanding School Choice Options by Dr. Ilene Wilkins, CEO of UCP of Central Florida The choices for students with disabilities have grown exponentially over the past decade. Charter Schools, McKay Scholarships and the new Gardiner Scholarship (formerly the Personal Learning Scholarship) have allowed parents to select an option that best meets the unique needs of [...]

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Parent Disability Guide for Brevard County

What to Do If Your Child Receives a Diagnosis. Developed by Jackie Yearby and Emily DeWoody for the Interagency Council of Brevard Family & Medical Support You get the feeling that something isn’t right? Go with your gut, find a doctor or specialist and get a diagnosis, and assemble your medical team. Find a support [...]

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Preparing For Your IEP Meeting: Before, During and After

by Pam Lindemann, The IEP Advocate There’s no doubt: An IEP is an extremely important document in your child’s education. It is very complex. so understanding the IEP process is critical. Here are some tips to relieve some of the anxiety: Before The IEP Meeting 1. More Than Just Once A Year: As the parent, [...]

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The Best Revenge I Ever Got

by Angela Becker This story starts about ten years ago, when I was in third grade. I was ten years old, and struggling somewhat in school – for good reason. While I can’t recall being bullied by my peers much (I can only think of one time when the class bully actually picked on me), [...]

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Why Inclusive?

by Terri Clark, M.Ed Space Coast Early Intervention Center, Executive Director Inclusive schools benefit ALL children! Since the early 80’s, educational practices have been moving away from the practice of segregating students with disabilities for specialized instruction, and moving towards a more inclusive model. This has been a challenge. At Space Coast Early Intervention Center [...]

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