Position Goal

The Practical Experience Assistant works to gain experience in a related field working in direct contact with motor disabled children. The Practical Experience Assistant works under the direction and supervision of designated instructors to provide support for individual students or small groups of students while learning the principles in the Conductive Education and Special Education programs, and ensuring the students safety and active participation before, during and after the program.


Minimum of 1 semester college credit or equivalent course work or 2 years of hands on experience VECHS Level 2 Background check required.

PEA commitment of 2-3 days per week per semester (semester consists of Fall, Spring or Summer).

Experience working with students with motor disabilities, special needs, or typically developing 6 months to 21 years CPR and First Aid certification preferred.

Physical Requirements

Physical/ mental stamina with ability to regularly and/or repetitively lift 60 lbs. or more. Consistent ability to stand, bend, stoop, kneel, crouch, sit, carry, push or pull objects, equipment and/or students. Ability to perceive/ discriminate sounds in the environment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The Practical Experience Assistant is capable of receiving information, clarifying if necessary, retaining and applying information about students to facilitate their development. Specific competencies required, include but are not limited to communicating with diverse groups, demonstrating basic math and verbal skills, and understanding multi-step written and oral instructions. Demonstrates self-motivation to complete assigned tasks. Demonstrates ability to establish and maintain warm, supportive relationships with students, families and staff. Committed to educational philosophies compatible with CECO.

Reports to:

Designated Instructors (not related to profession) or Administrators; Program Assistant Supervisor.

Performance Responsibilities:

Engage in daily communications with Instructor related to assigned duties and additional information pertaining to the students’ individual goals and needs in order to coordinate instructional efforts.

Assist students, individually or in groups, with tasks or lesson assignments for the purpose of presenting and/or reinforcing learning concepts under supervision of the Instructor.

Monitor students in a variety of settings to ensure their continuous safety and active participation, asking for help from fellow staff when needed.

Immediately notify the Instructor and/or an Administrator of any possible dangerous or unsafe conditions. Learn basic knowledge of Conductive Education and Special Education principles.

Assignments based on Conductive Education and Special Education principles; assignment to be completed each week of experience i.e. learning student’s name, learning classroom daily routine, classroom set up and clean up.

Weekly Reflection Assignment to be completed by PEA and reviewed by designated instructor.

Prepare and/or ensure the completion of required, student/classroom-related paperwork as directed (i.e. daily sheets, incident reports, staff issued handouts, etc.).

Engage in and ensure the completion of basic self-care activities for the students, including feeding (orally and/or by g-tube), toileting (potty training where appropriate), dressing, as well as any actions that maintain the safety, comfort and well-being of students.

Demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor.


Interest survey completed prior to acceptance into Practical Experience Semester evaluation completed by designated instructor at completion of Practical Experience.

You will be held accountable for your program assistant job description and responsibilities. CECO reserves the right to change your rate of pay at any time if duties and responsibilities are not carried out properly.

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