Bright Feats App

The Bright Feats app augments our special needs directory by playing video promotions featuring local valued providers. Interact with our printed publications or online versions, downloadable at Bright Feats provides information about local community services for families with special needs.

Download the app for free for your iPhone at the App Store!

Here’s how it works: 

1. Download the Bright Feats app on an iPhone at the App Store.

2. Open the app. 

3. Open a printed or electronic version of our publications. (You can access electronic copies of our publications at

4. With the app open, click on “Get Started“, at “Menu” tap slider (white button) , tap “Camera“, hover the phone over logos for selected providers in our publications and a video will instantly play. 

Hand holding a cell phone with the Bright Feats app on it

As an added bonus, this app can be used with any printed or virtual materials, not just Bright Feats publications.

Get The App & Enjoy Provider Videos!