Transitioning to adulthood is a difficult stage in life for anyone. For students with disabilities, it can be even more challenging. Learning to be independent – moving away from parents, starting college, or beginning a new job – can be intimidating when barriers to living well in the community are present.

RCDS provides advocacy for youth with disabilities (eligible for an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan) who are completing their secondary education, beginning college, entering the workforce, or transitioning to independent living with support to help them achieve success.

RCDS provides independent living skills training to help transitioning students gain or increase those skills needed to function independently at home or school, or in the workplace and the community. Individual or peer-group training helps individuals learn personal care, money management & budgeting, and shopping & cooking skills, as well as support groups to talk about shared experiences and the coping strategies necessary to be successful.

RCDS also has resources that help provide assistance with everyday living, such as durable medical equipment, adaptive technology or referrals to partnering agencies to provide complete support before and after transitioning. Technology has made a difference in our lives, especially during the past year, so RCDS is able to guide and train students to use the powerful tools that are available, such as special software, phone apps, listening devices, or personal care items.

Becoming an independent adult doesn’t have to be scary – let us help!