Are you having concerns about your child’s development? The inclusion and intervention team of Orange County can help you and your family by conducting detailed observations in your child’s natural environment, perform speech and language screenings, behavior screenings and full developmental evaluations. There are three categories your child may fall under when assessing their development. Area one is developmental monitoring, meaning your child is typically developing and is not at risk for a delay but will be re-screened for years to come. Your child may qualify under the second area, developmental screenings. The last category would result in your child going through an evaluation process.

Our team will create a diagnostic report, that includes information pertinent to the child’s development for the pediatrician/specialist to review. This service is free of charge and does not require health insurance. If your child does show signs of a developmental delay, then early intervention services are recommended. This includes but is not limited to speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and behavior therapy. Once our team has started a portfolio for your child, we will connect you with pediatric clinics in the Central Florida area. You can re-quest inclusion services for your child by first filling out a referral intake form through our website or emailing Parents, teachers, school directors, and health professional can send in these referrals. Our overall goal is to provide various resources and strategies to empower children, families, and communities.