Inspire Learning Academy began providing direct instruction in very small classroom sizes in May of 2017. We specialize in finding motivation or academic deficits and work hard to increase both areas. Our belief in positive behavior support is our guiding method for getting our students to want to do. At ILA. we help your child find their inner light! This goal is accomplished by exposing our students to a learning environment that works for them, take advantage of therapeutic services that enhance their learning and expose them to innovative staff willing to go the extra mile for our students. We welcome prospective parents to tour our facility and get a firsthand look at how small but effective environments are making a difference.

Make Learning Work for Them

Our approach to learning includes assessing students for learning gaps then follow up with meeting them where they are academically, socially and emotionally. Students often require academic remediation in skills that they haven’t learned or may have forgotten. Many students receive Executive Functioning training to learn how to be better planners, organizers and effective problem-solvers. This area is often overlooked in other schools, but at ILA, the holistic approach to making our students successful is our focus. All students are required to maintain a personal binder that includes a daily agenda tracker. Parents never wonder what needs to be done. They can skip the trip to an online canvas and hold their child accountable with a tracker in hand to monitor progress.

In-House Therapy

Often students are leaving a long school day in search of after school therapy services. At ILA, services come to the student. We are led by an ESE Specialist with a MS in ABA. When needed, a Functional Behavioral Assessment is provided to identify behaviors for decrease. We focus on teaching replacement behaviors and new skills. Our day is filled with positive reinforcement that our students seek out. They are greeted with weekly art, karate classes and a bowling league team. We use these services to provide a social and emotional outlet while our students are building new relationships with peers and staff. In addition to behavioral services, we offer access to Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapist. They work on campus in our therapy lab. Students take their class work with them and make it part of their sessions instead of being pulled out and expected to get caught up. Finally, our students receive weekly music therapy class or have signed up for band class.

Taught by Innovators 

With all the changes this new school year has brought, we at Inspire Learning Academy have taken extra steps to ensure a great school year for everyone. ILA’s founder, Stacie Gause, has developed a wonderful online curriculum to bring to students that are both in-class and at home. This virtual experience has been carefully designed to help each student with their educational needs. Our students have learned how to navigate the online virtual platform because our staff are innovators! We are essential staff doing an essential duty with honor and grace! The students have adapted and have learned how to wear their mask with the understanding that we are keeping each other safe! While working, learning and building lasting relationships, their light shines!

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