The forum’s goal is to create a positive atmosphere for discussion & generate ideas on how professionals & providers in our Brevard community can strengthen and develop services for individuals and families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder & Disabilities as a whole.

Communication & Collaboration is the Key!


Recap of the last Town Hall Meeting:

Our last Brevard Town Hall Autism–Disabilities Meeting was hosted at the Space Coast Health Foundation in Rockledge on Dec 19th, 2019. The event opened with a few of our local young adults with disabilities sharing their success, obstacles and overall experiences here in Brevard County. Thank you to Betsy Farmer & Diane Dickson for their insight. Special thanks to Candice Whiting, Remington Brown, Ashley McGraff, Tim Cravin, Mary Cohen, and Elyssa Sagall for being such an inspiration. We were also privileged to have in our attendance State Representatives Randy Fine & Rene Plasencia (Coach P), both of whom were very accommodating and willing to answer questions about our local community. In addition there were a number of our local community partners on hand to answer questions and give updates and/or suggestions about the state of affairs in Brevard County. In particular I would like to thank our Space Coast Transit (SCAT) team, Carmen Baez & Lance Parker for their participation. We would also like to thank Tiki Fiol for her updates regarding the Medicaid issues related to services & treatments (ABA, Speech, & O/T). 


Issues Identified Within Our Local Community:  

  • Transportation Shortage
  • Sub-Minimal Wages
  • Lack of Housing Options
  • Mental Health Programs & Supports
  • Respite, Afterschool, Summer Program Options for Kids & Teens
  • Employment, Training & Programs for Adults with Disabilities Over the Age of 22
  • Medicaid Issues Related to Services and Treatments
  • ABA, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy


Call to Action:

“Follow My Lead” campaign—Calling for local leaders to create opportunities for people with disabilities & modeling an inclusive community • Working with SCAT to develop a better dialogue with our disabilities community, need for increased funding to access transportation • Setup a Task Force comprised of cross sector stakeholders to identify # of individuals impacted, funds needed & community solutions


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Know who your political officials are, for more information:

Disability Rights Florida:

Medicaid iBudget Redesign: Official Comments from Disability Rights Florida


To RSVP or get involved contact:
Jackie Yearby 631-807-2974
Joseph Werner 321-768-6800
Diane Dickson 321-355-4222