No Limits Academy

Changing Education through Neuroscience

Physically disabled students are the least served population in our educational systems. These students are presumed to lack the ability to progress or that the complexities of their disability makes it too difficult for them learn. At No Limits Academy, we know that your disability does not define your ability to learn.

Our Purpose: No Limits Academy has created a pioneering method that fully adapts academic instruction to each individual student. Education is elevated for learners who are non-verbal with low motor function through the means of technology, therapy, communication and a multi-sensory facilitated curriculum. No Limits Academy’s purpose is to 1) Increase Cognition, 2) Increase Communication, 3) Increase Physical Ability.

Our Method:The No Limits Method is a culmination of research based treatments, philosophies and medical practices to create an environment for cognitive advancement for students with disabilities. With a combination of muscle activation, neuropathway rebuilding and stimulation of the seven senses, our students have reached goals far beyond their family’s dreams. Neuroscience drives this method and with advancing exploration and research, the world of a non-verbal, low motor functioning student is able to build their communication which then enables and empowers their education.

Our Outcomes: No Limits Academy has completed a study over the past seven years that has proven the method’s incredible outcomes. The No Limits Method has improved language acquisition for non-verbal students in three categories; receptive, expressive, and labeling. Students in every cognitive range has improved during their matriculation at No Limits Academy. This directly results in the lessening of frustration and behavioral issues while increasing their ability to connect with others in a more poignant way.

No Limits Academy in partnership with Ability Plus Therapy, the largest Pediatric Rehabilitation Center in Central Florida, has advanced students with physical disabilities to a much higher level of education, some even advancing to dual enrollment credits to continue their scholastic endeavors in college.

The vision for No Limits Academy was born when Laura Joslin, who because of her two children with Cerebral Palsy has negotiated this world therapeutically, medically and educationally, decided to create two companies so that societal expectations for children with disabilities could be changed. The team of people on the medical side at Ability Plus Therapy, led by Laura’s business partner Roberta Neves, MPT-NDT, and the educational side at No Limits Academy are breaking barriers for change in the educational realms by connecting complex physically disabled students to their education.

The greatest accomplishment is to change the future of children and that is only done when someone believes they have a future. Parents of children with complex physical disabilities have NO future with their children unless there is a change in the educational system. No Limits Academy is the change that will unlock their future. Please contact us and sign our PETITION to research and further the education of these children who deserve a better outcome.

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Facebook – @NoLimitsAcademy,
Instagram – @nolimitsacademyoffical

Laura Joslin – Mother on a Mission –
M.O.M, Founder of Ability Plus Therapy and Cofounder of No Limits Academy.
Proud Mother of two successful adult children who have cerebral palsy. Ability Plus Therapy & No Limits Academy
•4450 W Eau Gallie Blvd Ste 180 Melbourne, FL 32934
• 321-255-6627

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