by Haşim Bozkurt, LifeSkills Director, Neuro-Developmental Pediatric PT, MAES Therapy Trained Therapist, AqT(Halliwick), KtapeCP, TtogsCP

If you are like many parents who join our LifeSkills family, you have found your child’s behavioral, academic and social struggles to be frustrating and overwhelming.

You want the best for your child. Your child wants to be like other kids—to accomplish tasks as easily, with comfort. Your child is trying (in his or her own way) to tell you, teachers, doctors and therapists about his or her struggles, but isn’t able.

That’s where LifeSkills excels. We will help you deeply understand and truly see your child … shifting your focus from results to reasons. This is where our proven approach—centered around your child—creates breakthroughs for your entire family.

Are you looking for…

  • a peaceful home life — for your whole family?
  • your bright child to be happy and successful in the classroom?
  • your child to be able to sit at the dinner table or a desk for an appropriate amount of time?
  • your child to have a friend…be a friend…and easily interact with peers?

The LifeSkills team, specializing in Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), is known for:

  • life-changing breakthroughs
  • positively impacting family life
  • outstanding Sensory Integration Therapy, not just rice and beans or moving on a swing
  • effective treatment that your child loves
  • accurate interpretation of behavior problems, hyperactivity and overload
  • evaluations that identify the core problems
  • a welcoming setting in Winter Park for parents to learn about Sensory Processing Disorders and powerful techniques they can use at home

The Values of Our Sensory Integration Therapy Center

Our work is most rewarding when a parent cries with joy as a result of her child’s academic or social success. Or because her child finally smiles confidently and proudly over a personal accomplishment or breakthrough. We believe no success is too small to celebrate!

Our goal is to equip each child with an individually optimized set of skills with which to achieve happiness, peace and success in life! Each child can “put the pieces together” and we are here to help in that process

Short-Term Intensive Program

“Be AWARE of your child, UNDERSTAND your child, HELP your child.”

This intensive treatment program is ideal for children struggling with motor, sensory, attention, language and related problems and who needs an extra academic boost to better succeed at school. It’s perfect for parents who want maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Come to our clinic in Winter Park for 10 hours per week.

Kids come for two hours per day and build up a momentum of learning that can produce dramatic results. As a result, children who are struggling in school are given a greater opportunity to be better prepared for the academic day.

Maximum results make this therapy approach perfect for helping children both in school and at home.

Some results can include:

  • Improved behavior
  • Greater ability to stay focused and pay attention
  • Improved ability to work independently
  • Fewer meltdowns
  • Improved social skills
  • Greater sense of calm, less anxiety
  • Increased ability to retain academic information

This focused schedule allows your child and therapist to accelerate learning and integration in a way not possible with standard treatment. As a result, the therapy has a greater impact on the child with a higher rate of success—sooner than with traditional treatment.

Who qualifies for an intensive program?

Any child exhibiting problems with attention, language skills, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, ADHD, behavior problems, overload or any other difficulty that may be associated with sensory/motor integration is a candidate.

After School Intensive Program for Sensory Processing Disorders *NEW

School days start early and run long. Your child is exhausted after dealing with the frustration of ‘’keeping it together’’ all day—and there is still homework to do!

If your child is missing some sensory pieces, he or she may find it hard to focus on learning, enjoy school, navigate a classroom environment, obey school rules and interact with the other kids who surround them—all at the same time!

We are here to guide and support parents and their children!

Other Programs

  • Hippotherapy / Equine Therapy
  • Summer Intensive Program
  • Sensory Neuro Developmental Physical Therapy Program *NEW
  • Thera-Togs Intensive Program *NEW
  • Therapeutic Listening Intensive Program *NEW

Please give us a call us for more information! LifeSkills Sensory Integration Specialists 1935 State Road 436, Winter Park, FL 32792 407-629-9455

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