• The Paragon School Serving Students with Autism

    Specialized education programs to serve students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. The Paragon School is a model of excellence in exceptional student education, combining research-based methods with innovative strategies to help high functioning students with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome maximize their potential. Therapeutic supports are provided. Our mission read more

  • Learning for Life Academy (Engage Behavioral Health)

    Providing year-round schooling for children and adolescents with autism and other developmental delays, to help students reach their full potential. Now enrolling students grades K thru 5 at our Tampa location. McKay and Step Up Scholarships are accepted as well as private scholarships and payment plans. Space is limited so read more

  • Better Life Behavioral Services / Better Life Academy

    Better Life Behavioral Services and Better Life Academy offers therapy and schools services. Providing superior Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in Lake and Sumter Counties. Using an individualized approach that also helps families, guardians, and caretakers in their ability to assist kids and adults, with or without disabilities. Better Life read more

  • Heaven Academy

    Center & Home Based ABA Services Providing ABA therapy to children dealing with learning, developmental and behavioral disorders, including Autism. Serving children ages 18 months to 21 years old.

  • Chrysalis Center for Change

    Chrysalis School specializes in children who learn differently including processing disorders, attention deficits, developmental movement, central auditory processing, expressive language, dyslexia, autism spectrum, gifted, and learning disabilities. It is their mission to find and to foster the potential in every child through facilitated discovery and direct instruction intended to build read more

  • Ampersand School

    Our first and foremost goal for all of our students is for them to be happy, and to enjoy their time in our learning environment. We push our students to learn because they need to know it in order to accomplish their greater goal. When teaching a new concept or read more

  • St. Mark’s School

    We provide an environment that allows each child to reach their potential and to develop thinking skills, creativity and self discipline to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Students eager to learn and who enjoy working cooperatively with others using hands on activities would benefit from this program. Gifted, ADHD, read more

  • CECO Conductive Education Center of Orlando

      CECO is here to provide hope for families that have been searching for the place where the impossible IS possible. Conductive Education is a unique, holistic educational approach to help children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disabilities achieve their greatest level of independence through physical and cognitive activities. read more

  • First Hope at the First Academy

    The First Hope, a program for special needs children, is a unique approach to teach children with disabilities. Classes are at a 2:1 student:teacher ratio for all our Inclusion and Transitions+ Programs, except Transitions+ Secondary which is 4:1 student:teacher ratio — with an objective to achieve all they were meant read more